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Announcing Learn Free

Announcing Learn Free

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Nextcloud forked from ownCloud!

Due to various internal issues, evidently having to do (at least in part) with disagreements between the community and the company over the direction of ownCloud development, the ownCloud founder, Frank Karlitschek left ownCloud Inc. with community manager Jos Poortvliet and other key community members following suit later. Recently, they announced Nextcloud, a fork of ownCloud 9, as well as a German non profit foundation as backing entity. According to The Internet, within 12 hours of that announcement, investors pulled funding for the US branch of ownCloud Inc. and it was shuttered. I can empathize with the people who lost their jobs but am glad this has happened. Finally, thanks to these devs for doing what needed to be done.

ITwrx expects to be migrating our customers' ownCloud instances to Nextcloud shortly.
Category: IT News | Originally Posted 2 years ago | Last updated 2 years ago