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On the Fediverse: @ITwrx@blurts.net

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Microsoft Cyber Attack

Microsoft Cyber Attack

The Microsoft Cyber Attack is a documentary that barely scratches the surface of a global digital cancer that is spreading through governments and other publicly funded institutions around the world. It's only purpose is to redirect valuable blood supply (public tax revenue) to itself, while permanently embedding dependency, insecurity and ignorance in it's host.

Project featured: affordable-electric.net

affordable-electric.net is a custom php web application developed by ITwrx utilizing the Laravel PHP framework. Released in Q3 2015.

You can use your arrow keys (or swipe on mobile) to cycle through the slides below.

  • electrical contractor home page

    Custom business logo and graphics

    • Custom, vector based business logo that Affordable Electric can use on any advertising media.
    • Custom, scalable site graphics.
    • Logo can be dragged to mobile device to use as shortcut to site.
    • Consistent color scheme in site theme and graphics creates brand recognition.
  • about page screenshot

    Usability and dynamic content

    • Yellow highlighted text for clarity or to shift focus to important points.
    • Custom, dynamic content blocks. 20% senior citizen discount is one example of custom content than can be placed on any page.
  • services page screenshot

    Properly organized layout and navigation.

    • Having a consistent, intuitive layout and organized navigation respects your visitor's time, allowing them to answer presales questions or contact you quickly.
  • employment page screenshot

    Completely custom forms and form handling.

    • Custom employment application page and associated features.
    • Secure data collection, with useful error messages.
    • Sends notifications of app completed to site owner's mobile device.
    • Sends custom formatted, submitted applications to site owner's thunderbird email client using tlsv1.2.
  • payment page screenshot

    Paypal payment page.

    • Customized paypal button integrates into site theme and maintains brand cohesion.
    • Payment page linked from the footer(bottom) of every site page.

  • The application handles page rendering, form validation and mail sending using php without the need of a database.

  • Full site, professional grade, SSL implementation that scores an "A+" when tested by Qualys SSL Labs.

  • Fully responsive (mobile friendly) theme.

  • Highly optimized for performance. Both in application implementation and server side.

  • A's down the line (except CDN, that's not happening) on yslow test.

  • Custom forms with custom validation, error handling, mail sending and email template.

  • High performance and high security Gnu+Linux based hosting stack.