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Microsoft Cyber Attack

The Microsoft Cyber Attack is a documentary that barely scratches the surface of a global digital cancer that is spreading through governments and other publicly funded institutions around the world.

It's only purpose is to redirect valuable blood supply (public tax revenue) to itself, while permanently embedding dependency, insecurity and ignorance in it's host.

Learn a little about how the cancer takes hold and metastasizes throughout it's unsuspecting host, thanks to the nearly universal gateway infection: corrupt and/or incompetent public "servants".

The video producers were very magnanimous in regards to the USA, but the situation is not nearly as rosey as one might hope. Warning: the links below are Microsoft links.

example 1: Microsoft wants to run your whole city with their CityNext program.

example 2: Why don't they just take over voting, while they are at it? It's much more efficient that way...