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Managed Linux Server

Managed Linux Server Overview:

ITwrx is not maintaining our own Gnu+Linux Server distribution or fork of an existing distribution. We build (if applicable), configure, install (if applicable) and remotely maintain managed linux servers for the client using the same software and config as we use ourselves. Our intended audience is generally smaller businesses that don't have in-house Linux System Administrators but would like to benefit from a commercial grade managed linux server solution at rates much lower than dedicated staff. Please see the features below and complete the firewall/server quote form to receive a no-pressure quote. Please note: Depending on hardware/hardware budget, desired feature set and expected user quantity/demand, both firewall and server features can potentially be implemented on one machine. You may indicate your prefence in the quote request and ITwrx will relate hard requirements, recommendations and/or proposed solution in resulting quote. If after reading the firewall and server pages, you still have pre-quote request questions, please feel free to use our general contact form.

Managed Linux Server Standard Features:

Please see the Managed Linux Firewall standard features, as we use the same base configuration for both our firewall and server.

Managed Linux Server Optional Features:

++ Internal Web Server

ITwrx can setup a internal web server software stack suitable for serving web applications to your LAN clients. Listing all the possibilites would be a little verbose, so please feel free to let us know what you are interested in.

++ Custom ITwrx developed intranet site

Have ITwrx develop a custom application specifically suited for your company's needs, all served at lightning speed, over the LAN. Simply indicate your interest in the firewall quote form, and we'll get with you on the details and provide a no pressure quote.

++ Nextcloud Instance

Why not have an Nextcloud instance available on your LAN for filesharing and everything else it's capable of?

++ Cross Platform File Server

ITwrx can install and configure a Samba server to provide cross platform, reliable, efficient file sharing for your LAN.

++ OpenVPN Server

ITwrx can install and configure an OpenVPN server on your managed linux firewall/server allowing you to access your office LAN while you are away in a secure way. ITwrx will also provide easy, step by step instructions for the configuration of the client machine that will be used. Don't be fleeced by shameless, closed source "software" vendors claiming to provide this feature. An insecure remote access method can create a serious security vulnerability.

++ Email Server

Tired of using third party email service providers that are spying on your communications and creating a less than professional image for your business? Don't have/have a need for a hosting account with ITwrx? No problem. ITwrx can install and configure a best-of-breed email server on your managed linux firewall allowing you to have all your mail served reliably and more securely, while being stored locally, all without you having to deal with it. Please indicate any known special requirements pertaining to features desired or integration. We recommend using a F/OSS email client such as Thunderbird but any that support modern features and TLSv1.2 will generally do.

++ SFTP/FTP Server

ITwrx can include SFTP/FTP capabilities with your managed linux firewall/server as well. This is useful for quick file sharing between users or security cameras or other devices that can upload images or other data to an ftp server.