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Microsoft Cyber Attack

Microsoft Cyber Attack

The Microsoft Cyber Attack is a documentary that barely scratches the surface of a global digital cancer that is spreading through governments and other publicly funded institutions around the world.

Learn Free

Free computers for learners loaded with Free Software.

Learn Free is a community outreach program by ITwrx that accepts computer hardware donations from local businesses or other organizations, refurbishes them (when applicable) and installs a GNU+Linux based operating system and makes them available to learners in the Livingston, Tx area at no cost.

What is this "GNU+Linux" we speak of? It is a type of computer operating system (like windows & mac OS) but one that respects your freedoms. To learn what freedoms we are referring to, or why you should care, see the short video Free Software, Free Society. Besides respecting your freedom, it is also extremely capable. Due to a combination of it's security and obscurity, it is virtually immune to typical malware. Anitivirus software is not currently necessary, for instance. It can also be very stable, accurate and reliable and is therefore preferred for use in critical applications/environments like the stock market, aerospace, avionics, automotive, healthcare, etc. Software built specifically for Windows or Mac OS doesn't typically run on Linux (without extra work) but that is not usually a downside, as there are thousands of software packages(programs) available for Linux, most of which are Free Software and/or Open Source Software.

The bottom line is that we want learners to be able to educate themselves, using technology, without being victimized by their computer's operating system and software applications. The only way to do that is with Free Software.

Potential Donors:

If you have computer hardware that originally came with Windows 7 or newer that you would like to donate to the Learn Free program simply contact us and tell us what you have. We typically want working hardware, but viruses, BSOD(blue screen of death), and other software related problems are not an issue. Computers with one bad part, or something, might not be an issue either. We won't typically accept computers without hardrives as those machines would cost us money to get usable. You can rest assured we will securely overwrite all data on the drive, for everyone's protection. You could also use a GNU+Linux live USB flash drive and GNU Shred to securely overwrite the drive prior to donation. We don't accept macs as the hardware is (generally) more closed than PCs. We also accept working flat panel monitors, mice, keyboards and speakers. All donors will have their company or organization name listed on the donors page. We will also include a link to the website of companies that donate more machines. Please be advised that ITwrx will not be seeking 501c status for this program.


If you would like to receive a free Linux computer just contact us and let us know what parts you would like. ex: everything, computer tower only, computer and monitor only, etc. If we don't already have what you need, we will put you on the recipient waiting list and will contact recipients on a first come, first serve basis. If you are a minor, please have a parent/guardian contact us instead. We respect independent learning, so the only requirement is that you are actively pursuing a bonified course of study, which conveniently, is also in line with state school enrollment/attendance laws.

Thanks everyone!