Information Technology Works

Secure Linux Web Hosting

  • Secure Linux web hosting requires timely security updates.

    No operating system can be secure if it is behind schedule on security patches. Arch Linux is very quick with package updates when security patches are applied to the upstream sources and ITwrx monitors security issues closely and updates immediately whenever necessary. We are fanatical about security updates so you don't have to be.

  • High quality server hardware & resources.

    ITwrx currently uses dedicated servers with Linux Containers or KVM VPSes with high performance SSD's. Both are housed in datacenters with 1Gbps up/down internet connections and fully redundant power supplies. ITwrx also never oversells our hosting space. This means web applications are served with speed and reliability that will outperform many competitors' solutions.

  • Best of Breed server software, fit to purpose.

    Many may not realize it, but F/OSS(Free/Open Source Software) is generally being developed at a very fast pace, especially software intended to be run on servers. ITwrx are F/OSS enthusiasts and are constantly evaluating the continually evolving options available to provide the best components for our web hosting clients as it relates to security, speed, efficiency, feature set, etc. We use Arch Linux with the linux-hardened kernel package for all our servers' OS. Arch Linux has also enabled PIE compile flags in it's packages, enabling ASLR.

    We default to NGINX as our web server software. NGINX is well written software that gives us powerful configuration options, especially when combined with our latest web applications using the Laravel PHP Framework.

    Using the latest stable versions of PHP and MariaDB also doesn't hurt anything in regards to security, speed, efficiency and features.

  • ITwrx Mail server.

    In the interest of improved security and feature set over other options, ITwrx has implemented our own email server for our clients' and internal use. Once again, using the best software means using Free Software. Specifically, Postfix, Dovecot, and Rspamd. Virtually unlimited email accounts are included with every hosting account, though reasonable storage limits could theoretically apply at some point. It hasn't happened so far.

  • Nextcloud instance.

    Need web accessible file storage and sharing that's trustworthy, safe and under your control? What about shared calendars, contacts, and other collaborative applications? ITwrx will be glad to set you up with your own personal Nextcloud instance. Pricing starts at $7.70 monthly for clients of other ITwrx services or $10 monthly for standalone service. Or if you want superior GNU+Linux hosting for any other F/OSS application just let us know.