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Secure web development

  • What does secure web development mean to ITwrx?

    Secure web development dictates that security features such as XSRF (cross-site request forgery), XSS (cross-site scripting), session hijacking and session fixation protection, bcrypt password hashing, exacting input validation with custom error handling, transparent spam deterence, brute force form protection and more are built into the web application from the beginning. These security features or their building blocks are readily exposed by the Laravel PHP Framework we use by default for new, secure, web application development. Additional measures can optionally be taken such as client certificates, whole disc encryption, database encryption, tor hidden service, openvpn only access, etc. We also include high caliber TLS implementations with every secure web application to provide your site visitors with better protection and protect sensitive information collected via forms. Your application will also be served from a hosting environment that is configured specifically to compliment it's capabilites and with it's security in mind.

  • Fully custom web development

    Your application is designed and built specifically to your meet your communicated requirements. Using a PHP framework like Laravel gives us high levels of freedom and control in regards to design and implementation. The admin section of your website (if applicable) can be built just for the tasks you will be performing. No more wading through pages of configuration that you don't need or use. Every frontend/site feature will be designed with your web application's needs in mind. No more generic CMS modules that kind of do what you want them to do. No need to incorporate ridiculous third party widgets that prey on your visitors as payment for the feature they provide. You will have a professional grade application that demonstrates your competence in your field and the respect you have for your customers and site visitors.

  • Fully responsive (mobile friendly) themes.

    A modern, mobile friendly website scales to any monitor size, changing it's layout as needed to accomodate tablets, smart phones, etc. Making it easy to get things done, increasingly means mobile. We also don't use bloated, heavy frontend frameworks that bog down your web site's performance.

  • Thorough Search Engine Optimization.

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can not be an afterthought. If your website doesn't place well in search results your site is never seen in the first place. ITwrx will provide consultation in regards to overall marketing strategy so that you get the best return on your investment. Our ultimate goal is to facilitate your business' growth and success. You work extremely hard at what you do. Let us help you get the word out.

  • Feel free to ask any presales questions you may have, without fear of being subjected to any pushy sales techniques.