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Microsoft Cyber Attack

Microsoft Cyber Attack

The Microsoft Cyber Attack is a documentary that barely scratches the surface of a global digital cancer that is spreading through governments and other publicly funded institutions around the world.

Software featured: is a custom php web application developed by ITwrx utilizing the Laravel PHP framework focusing on speed, security and ease of use. Released in Q2 2016.

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  • kah blog

    Custom php web application features overview.

    • Highly optimized for performance with compressed, cached assets, including compressing the valid html itself.
    • Built to scale with smart caching throughout application, DB query results and compiled views served from ram.
    • Full site, professional grade, TLS/SSL implementation that scores an "A+" when tested by Qualys SSL Labs.
    • Unique google maps implementation with direction to and from set location.
    • Fully responsive (mobile friendly) theme.
    • Custom contact forms and professional email templates and site notifications.
    • User self registration and account section with editable profile, member videos and previous orders.
    • High performance and high security Gnu+Linux based hosting stack.
  • kah clinic detail

    Tailor-made event creation and management system.

    • Create custom clinic events in less time than it takes to type up your description of the event.
    • Highly automated SEO baked in.
    • Create events for later use.
    • Set prices for different event options.
  • kah clinic schedule

    Fast loading, attractive, clinic event calendar

    • Clinics created by site admin in back office automatically appear in calendar, spanning set dates.
    • Links automatically created in calendar for each clinic event which leads to clinic detail page.
  • kah create clinic

    Auto generated clinic detail page

    • Clinic detail pages allow for easy reservation and purchasing of clinic "seats".
    • All text details shown in clinic detail page are admin configurable in back office.
  • kah create user

    Create and edit custom products

    • Setup a unique product with custom options very quickly.
    • The application will automatically generate the site pages for your active products.
    • Upload images and attach them to a product for a image slideshow to be included on the products page.
    • only have one image? Set the product to use a static image instead.
    • Upload images for individual product options and they will be included.
  • kah home

    Simple blog creation and editing

    • File browser style navigation for intuitive use.
    • Designed to save you time without compromising post quality.
    • URLs and most meta data auto-generated from your post's title.
    • Flexible but quick configuration, including inactive posts and pseudo/freestyle post categories.
    • User entered text is converted into appropriate seo-aware, valid html.
  • kah product edit

    Create and edit users and roles.

    • Create new users in back office or edit users who self-registered.
    • Create companies and attach users to their companies if you wish. Can function as built-in, light weight CRM.
    • All user data except email and username is stored encrypted in the database using aes256, protecting user privacy in the event of theft.
    • View all user's order details in Back Office.
  • kah shopping cart

    Buyer and seller friendly shop and cart.

    • Your custom products, events, etc are easily and quickly added to cart.
    • One step cart with quantity adjustment and clear cart function increases user satisfaction & conversion rates.
    • Any necessary user details to process the transaction are automatically retrieved from the user's profile for their conveinence.
    • This cart integrates with Paypal Express. Many other providers can be used for other applications.

Let us know if we can create a highly customized and automated web application suited to your use case and within budget. Thanks for looking!