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Join us on the Fediverse: is a business brochure type site with an easy-to-use "back office"/admin panel for creating Software showcase pages. The application also updates the xml sitemap and pings Google and Bing whenever new software pages are added. The html sitemap page is generated to include the latest dynamic and static pages. Finally, an easy-to-use contact form with Human Checker (bot filter). Admittedly, it has a light feature set for now, as we have other projects that are prioritized, but we expect to add slideshows, videos, and maybe a blog with comments, later on.

This is our first application built with Sveltekit , a Laravel JSON API back end, and Tailwind CSS. We are pretty happy with the result of this stack so far.

ITwrx would also like to thank Lucius Rafi for his great work on our nice new logo and keyhole image on the about page. Thanks a lot!

Released in Q1 2022.