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Custom Software Development

ITwrx creates custom applications built to the specific needs of the client. At the client's option, application source code can be hosted internally by ITwrx and not released to the client, and/or released to the client under the GPLv3, or the AGPLv3, or the copyright can be assigned to the client, which means the client has full control over the software and can license and host/distribute it as they see fit.

If you are engaged in a voluntary exchange based enterprise, we would love to help you modernize, streamline and secure your operational processes.

For a free preliminary consultation please use the contact form, and we will get right with you.

Gnu+Linux Infrastructure & Management

ITwrx builds, installs, configures, and manages the hardware and software stack required to run the applications we build, while providing for other client, member, and user needs, with a focus on security and performance.

If you would like a quote for a commercial grade, remotely managed firewall or server for your network, and/or ITwrx datacenter hosting, please let us know.

Latest ITwrx Software: project thumbnail is an artist's portfolio and ecommerce web application, custom designed and written from scratch by ITwrx, utilizing the Laravel PHP framework. Released in Q2 2020. Please see the Software page for details.

Latest ITwrx Blog post: Microsoft Cyber Attack

Microsoft Cyber Attack

The Microsoft Cyber Attack is a documentary that barely scratches the surface of a global digital cancer that is spreading through governments and other publicly funded institutions around the world.

category: Random Glitches
posted: Nov. 20, 2019