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About ITwrx

Information Technology Works/ITwrx was founded in 2009. We specialize in the development of custom-designed and built software and in the generation and management of it's optimal infrastructure.

ITwrx leverages the power, flexibility, stability, and security of GNU+Linux (currently focusing on Alpine Linux) to provide our clients, members, and users with a hosting environment that is as secure, performant, and featured as possible.

Depending upon client requirements and budget:
(in order of affordability)
  • Application source code can be Hosted by ITwrx and not released to the client, while the client uses the web/browser-based or desktop software.
  • Application source code can be released (licensed) to the client under the GPLv3, or the AGPLv3.
  • The copyright of a specially commisioned application's source code can be assigned to the client; which means the client owns the software and can license and host/distribute it as they see fit.

When you choose ITwrx built software or infrastructure, you are supporting the creation of software that works for The People. Even if you commision software that you keep in-house, your business gives us the "cushion" to work on our Free Software projects, as well.

Thank You!